• Fine Warm Red (formerly known as Sienna Fine)- 1/2-1 lb

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    Your choice between 1/2 lb or 1 lb our Vegan un-blended mica. EXAMPLE: 1 lb=454 grams (Approx). Typically companies sell their eye-shadows in 5 gram jars. Sometimes they go up to 10 gram jars. 5 grams retails for $8.00-$14.00 each and 10 grams retails for $16.00-$18.00 each

    TASH cosmetic pigments include cosmetic-grade oxides, oxide, beautiful pearlescent vegan, and gluten-free mica powders, and silky specialty fillers, such as zinc oxide and serecite. These pigments can be used to create shadows, liners, blushes, lip product color blends, face powders, and foundation. 

    Our un-blended mica's are a beautiful, natural selection of pigments that are free of dyes and carmine. These shades vary from semi-matte to shimmer to sparkle, and can be used to create mineral eye-shadows, liners, blushes, glosses, lipsticks and shimmers. If you have never used our mica to create cosmetic products before, it would be best to begin with one of our making cosmetics kits. These kits offer small portions of our pigments and mica's, plus blending instructions.

    Just add product to your jar, add your label and your ready to go!