Studio Fix Eye-shadow Primer-3,6,12 Jars

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Our Studio Fix (Eye Fix) is a lightly-hued primer which makes your loose powder eye shadows stay on the skin longer. this dual primer can also be used as a highlighter.

This Eye-shadow primer is perfect for MUA (Makeup Artists) on the go because of it's easy use, blend-ability, compact size and dual capability. Our eye-fix primer comes in a 20-gram jar-net weight (0.20 oz) and Made in the USA. You only need a small dab of this product, a little bit goes a long way. This product will last you a very long time. 

*Your choice of  3,6,12- 20 g jars.Suggested retail price per bottle $22.00 each. 

Paraben-free, Hypoallergenic, Passover approved.

What It Is:
A 24-hour wear, eye-shadow primer that ensures vibrant, crease-free wear. 

What it does:
This primer keeps your eye-shadow crease-free while making color more vibrant and providing a smoother application. Formulated with polymer technology, it fills in any imperfections on the skin’s surface, prepping lids for all-day wear. It glides on smoothly, blends beautifully on all skin tones. 

How To Use:
Taking a primer makeup brush dab a little bit of the primer for jar and apply directly to the eyes for precise, controlled application every time. Smooth on just a touch of Eye-Fix shadow Primer before your shadow for 24 hours of wear and no creasing. Just a little bit goes a long way. With this product less is more. 

Key Ingredients:  Petrolatum,e), Cadelilla Wax (a plant based wax), Ozokerite wax (mineral waxes), Mica color additives.