Vitamin C Lip Treatment-3,6,12 Tubes

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Our high quality Vitamin C lip nourish is a Vitamin C antioxidant that protects lip tissue from damage caused by unstable substances called free radicals. Free radicals harm cells, tissues, and organs and results in premature aging & wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital in the anti-aging of skin & protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements.

Stops trans-epidermal water loss from lips causing dry cracked lips while strengthening the skin’s barrier function (Keeps skin moist & prevents ash) Repair fine lines & wrinkles on the lips, Help psoriasis, Repair eczema & other minor skin irritations Accelerates Tattoo Healing Full rainbow of Vitamin C building blocks For comprehensive healing - Alpha - Beta - Gama - Delta This vitamin is is Pure Plant derived through an air diffusion process without the use of Hexane - No preservatives - No Parabens - No Fragrances - No Dyes. Lip Smoother dramatically eliminates cracks and dryness.

*Your choice of 3,6,12 tubes .15 oz, ready for your logo! Suggested retail $28.00 each

                                            Paraben-free, Hypoallergenic, Passover approved, EU registered..

What It Is:
Brightening Vitamin C envelopes a core of conditioning Vitamin E. Smoothes, soothes and helps prevent dryness and chapping.

What's Inside:
  • Jojoba & Avocado Oils lubricate and soothe. 
  • Vitamin E (the core) smooths and heals. 
  • Vitamin C enhances antioxidant protection.

  • How To Use:
    Apply directly onto center of lips, blending outwards, or use a lip brush for more precise application.