My Current Pressed Powder Highlight Routine

Hey guys! It's your girl Aubrey here! Can we just talk about highlighters here real quick? I am in love with TASH Cosmetics Luminous Glow Pressed Powder Highlighters. I truly believe these are the best makeup highlighters out there! If you know me, you know that if you can't see my highlighter from space then i'm not wearing enough lol! TASH Cosmetics highlighters are so smooth and buttery and shine - shine - shine! They come in 6 different luminous shades and the one I am showing you here today is my absolute favorite! It's called Halo #5 .. It's gorgeous! If you haven't tried any of TASH Cosmetics products yet, you don't know what your missing. Head on over to and check them out. Use my discount code #Aubrey15 to receive 15% off retail price at checkout.

Shades Available:

Skinny Dip #01
Rose Glow #02
Lilac Frost #03
Brazilian Glow #04
Halo #05
Bronze Frost #06

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