TASH Cosmetics

Eyebrow Gel - Clear


When you think their staring at you...but they're really staring at your brows!

You need our Clear our Brow Gel!

Our Clear gel is a great tool for those of us with bushy brows. Although threading or waxing can shape the brow hair and take away brow hair outside where you want your brow to be there is still the problem of how to get the brow hair that wasn't removed to behave. Clear gel is for customers with hair that needs encouragement to stay in the shape that you sculpted for them.

We've also had a lot of customers eve tell us that they have used the eyebrow gel as a clear mascara to create a more natural eye look. Clear mascara is a great alternative to traditional mascara for people with sensitive eyes as there is no pigment in it, or people working in industries where they aren't supposed to wear makeup on the job.

This gel is a superior formula with a strong hold that will last all day. It is clear, does not flake or shine, and holds the hair in place with a clean finish. Infused with Pro Vitamin B5 to promote brow hair health. Apply it easily with the built-in mascara wand.  Be the envy of those around you with perfect brow wow brows!


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