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Our Enchanted™ Glitter Firming Masque Collection is taking skin care to the next level! These masques have many botanical benefits and are infused with Hydro Fruit complex, DMAE, MSM and Bling! The firming, gently exfoliating and anti aging power of fruit acids and vegan hyaluronic acid make your skin smooth, soft, plump and happy! Fruit acids are the soft and unsung heroes of dermal exfoliation because they do their job beautifully without causing any trauma to the skin. Dead and pore clogging skin cells are eaten away and replaced with new, plump and ready-to-face-the-world skin cells that make your face glow and feel soft and supple. 

 Vegan | Organic | Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Non-Abrasive | Biodegradable