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Creating perfect, natural-looking brows has never been easier. Our fabulous brow kits are loaded with everything you need to shape, fill, and define brows. Our kits include 6 Stencils (Our Most Popular), 1 Eyebrow Powder (Your Choice of Color), 1 Puff Brush, 1 Angled Brush. Instantly define your arches with our all day brow powders (even if swimming or in the rain). these powders are water resistant and will stay on all day! The eyebrow stencils are our six most popular stencils of all time. The shapes and sizes vary to cover a wide portion of the market. These kits will leave you perfectly polished and groomed brows all day long. Now you can create expert, personalized brow shape in an instant. 

" Why blend in when you were born to stand out "