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TASH Cosmetics

Active Enzyme Wash

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Our Active Enzyme Wash is our answer to all your skin cleansing problems! 

It doesn't strip the skin. Isn't drying. And does a phenomenal job of keeping things dirt, sweat, makeup and grime free. Oh yeah, and it has a special ingredient: fermented pomegranate enzymes! These enzymes are everything you would want from AHA's. But with the added bonus of all the anti aging supportive factors from the pomegranate. Non-sensitizing, gentle and wonderfully effective, they're our new favorite way to get rid of dead skin. Infused with MSM to help restore damaged tissue. Organic aloe to hydrate and tone. And coconut-based soap for a gentle cleanse that doesn't strip. The smell is essential oil based and reminds us of a citrus-blossom filled paradise (seriously).



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Use as a facial cleanser once a week and up to every day depending on your skin's needs. Follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer. Can be used morning and/or night.