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TASH Cosmetics

Anti Aging Essential Night Cream

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This nightly nectar was formulated to be nothing less than absolutely essential- to be your skin's ticket to all-encompassing radiance and care. It has a luscious yet light texture that soaks in quick and a bright yet soft, citrus-tinged aroma. Essential actives like panthenol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C compliment the long list of beautiful botanicals (think carrot seed, papaya, evening primrose and MSM) that make this product what it is. While pure plant lipids provide luscious moisture for the skin, vegan hyaluronic acid makes sure to hold all that water in. Each cell is perfectly plumped and guarded from dehydration so you wake up each and every morning with a dewy, soft and firm complexion. Vitamin C, the super-antioxidant that it is, repairs and prevents against photo damage and premature aging. Each and every application is a collagen-producing frenzy that keeps your skin safe from the threat of sagging, fine lines and deep wrinkles. Gentle yet effective, appropriate for virtually all skin types.



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Apply to clean skin (face, neck, chest) nightly.