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TASH Cosmetics

Glycolic Anti-Wrinkle Scrubbing Wash

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Did you know?? Glycolic Acid gently regenerates and stimulates the skin's natural renewal process. Fine lines are diminished and discoloration is evened out. Skin tone is given a noticeable clarity and glow!  Our Glycolic Anti-Wrinkle Scrubbing Wash is infused with plant extracts to nourish and bolster skin cells, and plant oils that diminish scarring and boost moisture. Combined MSM drives ingredients deep into the epidermal layer, and Salicylic Acid prevents breakouts and other problematic skin conditions. Use once a week for efficacy and experience lasting results. Use in conjunction with our Glycolic Face Mask and watch the combination work wonders on your skin. Your anti-aging skin care line will be incomplete without this!



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Can be used on face and/or body. Apply to hands, sponge, or cloth, moisten with water and wash. Rinse off and follow with any of our lotions or cremes. This product does contain glycolic acid so if the skin starts to dry out, alternate with a more moisturizing wash.