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TASH Cosmetics

Oil Free Total Skin Repair Lotion

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Our Oil Free Total Skin Repair Lotion addresses all of your oily, blemish prone, shiny, and sensitive skin care needs. This silky, elegant, concentrated, lightweight, healing, and matte effective lotion repairs traumatized and damaged oily skin types. For AM and PM use, the ingredient profile makes this a suitable oil-free lotion for all skin types. It is truly a one stop product as it, heals, repairs, moisturizes, absorbs excess oil, creates a silky matte finish on the skin, shrinks pores, removes discoloration, and balances the skin surface, and MORE!  The absence of oil in this formula limits the breeding of bacteria on the skin surface. Layer this lotion with a spritzer or spray water distillate, and oily skin will be nourished and repaired with much needed moisture without overwhelming clogged pores, blackheads, shiny foreheads, noses, cheeks, and chins. Infused with Superstar ingredients such as Rose and Panthenol, Royal Jelly and Irish Moss, Amino Acids and Reishi Mushroom, Aloe Vera plant gel and silica, and so much more make this formula an absolute MUST HAVE for every single product line on the market today.



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