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TASH Cosmetics

All In One Miracle Serum

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Our All In One Miracle Serum is definitely a skin problem solver! Formulated for all your skin problems all in one magical serum. Designed specifically to address the root of your skin disfunction. So wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and blemishes are banished at the source. It has a soothing, 100% natural, carbomer-free aloe base and includes problem solving ingredients like sandalwood, MSM, peptides and rosehip seed oil. Infused with vegan hyaluronic acid to keep things plump and juicy. MSM and plant peptides to repair damaged tissue and help with blemishes. Sandalwood gets rid of inflammation. And rosehip seed oil provides antioxidants and balances oil production. It has a smooth glide, elegant aroma and slightly peachy, opaque color.  



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Apply to clean skin, morning and/or night. Can be worn under makeup.