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Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Syn-ake Venom Beauty Serum - MOQ 12 pcs


Our Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Syn-ake Venom is a Superfood (for your skin) Serum. It's soothing & anti aging serum combination, with aloe vera and super fruit extracts to deeply moisturise while boosting skin cell production thus delivering the look of vibrant, nourished, youthful skin. Synthetic Syn-ake Venom Peptide is made with vegan hyaluronic acid. Replacing complicated anti wrinkle treatments, this serum can be actually considered quite a miracle in advanced cosmetic science. Syn-ake Venom is considered a natural Botox treatment.


  • Decreases appearance of expression lines on face
  • Reduces muscle cell contraction for a short period of time
  • Makes skin look younger by smoothing out wrinkles
  • Quickly absorbed in skin
  • Dries clear
  • Non-oily, Non-sticky
  • Package size: 3.3X3.3X15.6 cm


If this is your first purchase with us and you want to add your logo to this fabulous face mask, please go to the listing labeled MQO 100 pcs and follow instructions on that page. If this is a subsequent order for this product and we already have your logo on file you will need to add the reorder print fee to your cart. 12 pcs comes with no box. 


Water, butanediol, glycerin, glycerol polyether-1, carbopol, moisturizer an-100, neroli extract, vitamin C, ginseng extract, aloe extract, sodium hyaluronate, ginkgo biloba extract, Polyglutamic acid, trehalose, oat protein, vitamin E, gold powder, triethanolamine, hexanediol, Synthetic Syn-ake Venom Peptide.

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