Antioxidant Warming Facial Masque-5 Pack


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Our Antioxidant Warming Facial Masque comes in a pack of 5 masques. This new generation of innovative hot peel off facial mask is perfectly matched to the skin's need for improved comfort. When applied, the hot sensation gradually diminishes until the skin’s normal temperature is reached. This is when you know the masque is ready to be removed.

Restructurating activity- infused with a potent source of energizing substances, mainly trace elements and powerful antioxidants which play various roles in providing the skin much needed nutrients, moisturization and synergy to stimulate,
regenerate and renew the cells' metabolism. Our NEW warming facial masque  smoothes, rejuvenates and brings a healthy youthful glow to the skin. 
The powerful antioxidant properties prevent destruction of cell membranes while neutralizing the free radical scavengers responsible for cells' aging. The skin's elasticity is regulated and youthfulness is restored.