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Aqua Blue/Green


Ready? Set? Illuminate!

Our Eye Candy Neon Pigments are made from hyper pigmented neon loose eye shadow powder. The neon eyeshadow pigments react to glow under UV black lights to fluoresce with bright color. The glow from these Neon pigments is very striking and sure to get you noticed in the club or festival. These neon effect pigment colors can be used to color, highlight and illuminate the eyes with bold washes of color that are bright enough even when they are not under the UV lights! Our specialty pigments are made in a way that gives them the capability of converting lower end of spectrum and UV light into the visible light of the key wavelength. This phenomenon of absorbing white and ultra violet lights along with converting them in visible range makes this pigment exceptionally bright and of outstanding visibility. (5g)

Vegan | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free

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