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Bottom Lash #6 - MOQ 100 pcs

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A set of lightweight bottom lashes for a wide-eyed look. False Bottom Lashes are premium-quality lashes that provide comfortable wear and deliver maximum impact. These lightweight lashes are easy to apply and adhere to the lash line in seconds. Add volume, length, and thickness to your lash look with ease. They’re available in styles that flatter any eye shape. Easy to apply, and comfortable on your eyes. 

Cruelty Free | Non-Irritant | Quality Hand-Picked Lashes



  • Natural volume synthetic lash with added flare and curl
  • Fun flirty and sexy 
  • Premium-quality lashes
  • Provide comfortable wear and deliver maximum impact
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • Adhere to the lash line in seconds
  • Adds volume, length, and thickness to your lash look with ease
  • Available in styles that flatter any eye shape
  • Perfect for every eye shape 
  • Lash band: clear band
  • Lash Color: black/brown
  • Reusable with proper care
  • Suggested retail price $16.00-22.00 each depending on your geographical location and selling platform
  • Dimensions (package size) 12X6X2 cm | Standard size 0.07mm

How to use

-Place a small amount of lash adhesive onto bottom lashes.
-Allow the adhesive to get tacky (about 30 seconds or so).
-Holding your False Bottom Lashes at the center, gently press the lashes onto the center of your lower lash line.
-Press down the outer edges of the lash band onto your lash line.
-Allow False Bottom Lashes to dry in place.
-For a more-seamless lash look, secure your application by gently pinching the lash band and your lash line together.

To remove:

-Use your fingers to gently pull the band of the False Bottom Lashes, starting from the outer corner and moving toward the center of your face. Be sure not to pull the lashes themselves to avoid tearing. Avoid touching your natural lashes.
-Immediately clean your False Bottom Lashes after use.
-Gently remove the adhesive by lightly massaging the lash band with your fingertip. To remove any excess adhesive that may remain on the band, first lay the lashes on a flat surface, then use a clean cotton swab dipped in a small amount of Luke warm water or lash cleaner and gently wipe along the lash band.
-If any adhesive remains along your lash line, use a clean cotton swap dipped in a small amount of water and gently wipe to remove.


Pro tips:

-To help extend the life of your False Bottom Lashes, apply mascara to your natural lashes before your lash application to prevent too much product from getting on your False Bottom Lashes.

-When not in use, return your False Bottom Lashes to their storage case to keep them protected and to help maintain their proper shape. This also helps ensure your lashes go on seamlessly the next time you apply.



If this is your first purchase with us and you want to add your logo to these fabulous lashes you will also need to add the logo fee to your cart and upload your logo via the upload tab on the listing.  The logo plate fee is on the home page under the "Add ons" category. If this is a subsequent order for this product and we already have your logo on file you will need to add the reorder print fee to your cart. If you need  assistance with your order please contact customer service at and one of our lovely customer service agents will be more than happy to help you. Or you chat with them live via our website Monday-Saturday 8am to 9pm. Please note call volume and wait times will vary. 

*Please note: Color shades may vary the results of our shades may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to; monitor resolution settings lighting & skin tone etc.


Box Choices

Our lashes come in a standard Packaging of your choice free with purchase of lashes. If you want to customize a box please see box choices under customized boxes. These customizable box choices are an additional fee.

$150.00 = 100 customized boxes (paper or magnetic box of your choices. (see box pictures) 

1. You must add customizable lash box to your order if you want something other than the standard lash box choice. 

2. Please note customizable boxes are only offered with a logo order of 100pcs or more. 12 pcs orders only come with the standard box.  

3. Please leave your lash box choice in the note section at check out. 

Free Lash Box



Customizable boxes (additional charge of 150.00)


Synthetic silk bottom lash

Transparent Plastic Band