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Color Vibes Blush - Temptress


A dash of sass and splash of color!

Our Color Vibes Blush is richly pigmented, vivid loose powder blush that unlike traditional blush crosses the bounds of unexpected, unadulterated color with unprecedented vibrancy to your cheeks and allows you to express your inner diva! Colors so vibrant and bold your cheeks will freak - and so will the rest of you!  Infused with bio-lipids and essential amino acids, which create the powder’s ultra lightweight, silky texture and ensures a seamless application. Finely milled and silky smooth to the touch, these blushes deliver a stunning true-color payoff. Meaning: the colour in the pot is the same one that ends up on your cheeks. And don’t we love that!  Loved by makeup artists and makeup junkies alike, our top shelf pigment makes controlling the color intensity simple.

Choose from shades of unexpected, think outside the box colors to more subtle hues depending on your mood and inner desire. Subtle flushes of color to full-throttle definition, and bang-in results. With Color Vibes, the fun never stops! (10 full grams) 

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