TASH Cosmetics

Creamy Foam Face Wash-All Skin Types


This face cleanser is truly a one of a kind deep cleanser. A mild, rich-creamy foam cleanser that deep cleans pores and removes debris from deep within the skin. Removes toxins and impurities, skin appears clearer, refined and shine-free. Its deep cleansing action helps unclog and purify without stripping skin of its much needed moisture while loosening and lifting away dead skin cells that can cause pore-clogging build-up, including acne. It's so simple to use, all you do is apply a generous amount to your face and neck, massage in to your skin and then add warm water and wash. As the warm water hits the cleanser it activates the foam for a one of a kind cleansing experience! Continue washing and rinse your way to perfectly deep cleansed skin. The invigorating eucalyptus scent awakens the senses. Instantly, the complexion is refreshed and balanced with a healthy-looking glow.


Vegan | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free | Hypoallergenic | Non-Comedogenic



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