Cucumber Gluco Empreinte-Peel Masque


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Cucumber Gluco Empreinte-Peel Masque gently refreshes and remineralizes the skin. Natural moisturizing activity Cucumber juice is a natural beauty product. Cucumber can also be applied directly on the skin for an instant moisturizing effect which improves complexion brightness. Its high content in sulphur gives it an astringent activity which purifies the skin through a pore-tightening effect.
Extremely rich in water (more than 96%), the cucumber is an outstanding moisturizing plant all the more as this composition water contains many minerals and trace elements. Remineralizing activity : Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur are the main minerals which are physiologically useful for the body. High in potassium and  low in sodium, cucumber has a detoxifying activity on the skin. 

Each jar contains 16 oz/455g, enough for approximately 15-16 treatments at $15-20.00 each treatment + profit of $235.00.


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