TASH Cosmetics

Deluxe Palettes Sampler Kit


Try our newest collection of palettes ideal for various skin tones. The Deluxe Eyeshadow Palettes are Pro Eyeshadow formula with high pigment and payoff. Palettes are crafted in high quality paper cardboard construction.

Due to the emollient formula in the concealers, you may see droplets of natural oils appear on the surface of the product, especially if exposed to elevated temperatures or direct, strong sunlight. These droplets in no way compromise the integrity of this product or its performance. Should they occur, swirl a brush or a clean fingertip over the product's surface to mix them back in; then apply as desired.


70246 Concealer Palette

70249 Highlight and Glow Palette

70247 Artist Palette

70250 Sunset Palette

90053 Luxe Box, Sunset Palette

90049 Luxe Box, Artist Palette

90052 Luxe Box, Highlight and Glow Palette

90048 Luxe Box, Concealer Palette


• Cruelty free
• Talc and Paraben free
• Includes full size mirror
• New shades in each palette

Includes secondary packaging.

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