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Enchanted™ Glitter Firming Masque - Just Pink


Our Enchanted™ Glitter Firming Masque -Just Pink is taking skin care to the next level! This mask has many botanical benefits and is infused with Hydro Fruit complex and Bling! This masque is a firming, gently exfoliating and anti aging masque that utilizes the power of fruit acids and vegan hyaluronic acid to make your skin smooth, soft, plump and happy! Our cruelty free botanical hyaluronic acid holds 1000 x its own weight in water so your cells are never shriveled, thirsty or sad. As we age, our natural hyaluronic acid percentage declines, and this results in skin that is flaccid, thin and wrinkles easily. By using an effective topical hyaluronic acid like the one offered by TASH Cosmetics, you can effectively mitigate the hyaluronic acid loss that would otherwise drastically--and unnecessarily--age your skin. Fruit acids are the soft and unsung heroes of dermal exfoliation because they do their job beautifully without causing any trauma to the skin. Dead and pore clogging skin cells are eaten away and replaced with new, plump and ready-to-face-the-world skin cells that make your face glow and feel soft and supple. 

Complimentary, certified organic actives like skin repairing MSM, free radical neutralizing pomegranate extract, and tightening and plumping aloe round out this formula to create a truly youthening, gently resurfacing and wonderfully plumping skincare solution. Please note: This mask was designed with the environment in mind. We use Biodegradable Micro Glitters in this mask as not to hurt the ocean and its wildlife. The Micro-glitter particles are suspended in the gel formula and are non abrasive to your skin and comfortable to wear.   

 Vegan | Organic | Cruelty Free | Paraben Free | Non-Abrasive | Biodegradable

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