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Eyelash Growth Serum - MQO 12 pcs


This fabulous Eyelash Growth serum is one of our top sellers and sells out almost instantly! Formulated to promote growth directly at the hair bulb, ensuring optimal hair anchorage through the stimulation of the adhesion molecules. What does that mean for you? Stunning, long, luscious eyelashes! 100% safe and powerful growth serum developed by combining Scientific research with Natural active antioxidant and peptide ingredients. This super concentrated, perfectly formulated eyelash enhancing serum works to slow down the aging process of the hair follicles as it stimulates regrowth and thickness of eyelashes. Can also be used on eyebrows. *Results may vary. Some see results in as little as 2-3 weeks whereas other have seen results in 4-16 weeks. Similar ingredients to the popular Latisse and Revitalash. 


We can add your logo to this fabulous Eyelash Growth Serum and brand them your own! We can even create a customized box for you. See listing w/MQO 50pcs and follow instructions on that page and then send us your logo to info@tashcosmetics.com

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