TASH Cosmetics

Glamour Falsies-Goddess


A natural lash that blends with your own lashes to fill in sparse areas and adds dimensions for everyday wear. The Goddess lash is every girls go to day time lash. If natural glam is your go to style these lashes are definitely for you. Mimicking a natural lash formation, the Goddess Lashes accentuate all eye shapes creating a wispy look. The unique pattern works to blend  and fill seamlessly with your natural hairs for effortlessly flawless beauty.



• Average 8-10 uses per pair depending on care.
• Lightweight, with a thin, flexible, microfiber lash band.
• Black lash band blends into lash line for a natural look.
• Vegan-High-quality synthetic fibers.
• Clear plastic lash tray and cover for easy lash storage.
• Customizable length.

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