TASH Cosmetics

Hair Rehab Deep Repair Hair Mask

Comprised of rich and nourishing raw lipids for hair restructuring and cuticle rehabilitation, Our Hair Rehab is an “all- in- one- do- it- yourself- one- stop- shop- turn- it- all- around- now” product for hair that hurts. Heal your mane owies while turning up the hair va-voom in your life. This is also a wonderful back bar spa/salon product. It is designed for all hair types. Can be used as a hair mask, leave in conditioner, rinse out conditioner, and post processing treatment to restore the hair's natural pH and lipid profile. It's really an all around perfect product! Comes in two sizes. If you need a larger size we can custom make it for you. Please send us an email with the details. (Comes in an Amber or Black container at random)
Vegan | Organic | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free

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