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Hydra-Gloss Sampler Kit

Our Hydra Gloss Sampler Kit is a great way to test all 15 shades. Products included are listed below, 1 unit each, shades may vary from picture.
This kit includes the following shades: 
Hydra-Gloss, Adore U (40333)
Hydra-Gloss, Afterglow (40339)
Hydra-Gloss, Baby Doll (40352)
Hydra-Gloss, Berry Shake (40334)
Hydra-Gloss, Champagne (40349)
Hydra-Gloss, Diamond Pink (40347)
Hydra-Gloss, Nougat (40341)
Hydra-Gloss, Pink Taffy (40351)
Hydra-Gloss, Pop (40335)
Hydra-Gloss, Rosette (40348)
Hydra-Gloss, Shiraz (40350)
Hydra-Gloss, Scarlet Red (40342)
Hydra-Gloss, Blush (40344)
Hydra-Gloss, Midnight (40337)
Hydra-Gloss, Cafe (40340)
Box, Hydra-Gloss/ Brow Tint

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