TASH Cosmetics

Kiwi Gluco Empreinte-Peel Masque


Our Kiwi Gluco Empreinte-Peel Masque gently protects and revitalizes the skin. Antioxidant activity Rich in Vitamins C (twice as much as in oranges) and E, in polyphenols (twice as much as in grapes), kiwi's active ingredients act together to fight premature skin aging. Its high content in mineral salts (calcium, potassium, magnesium) makes this mask a protective treatment against sun and pollution. Revitalizing activity. The kiwi fruit is especially rich in magnesium; this allows it to stimulate collagen synthesis, triggering cellular renewal of the epidermis. Kiwi fruit is also ideal for nourishing and revitalizing delicate, tired or mature skin.  

Each jar contains 16 oz/455g, enough for approximately 15-16 treatments at $15-20.00 each treatment + profit of $235.00.


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