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Mediterranean Scrub -100% natural - 2 Sizes

It has long been understood and revered that the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle lends itself to Youthening, Longevity, Health, Vibrance, and Pure Sex Appeal. The high antioxidant profile of Pomegranates are combined with the high Omega 3 Fatty Acid profile of Olives and Olive Oil for legendary results and a rockstar complexion. Wrinkle free, rich and buttery, toned and firm...this is the proven and clinically tested reputation of the Mediterranean Diet and Skin Care ingredient profile. This scrub is luxurious and botanically scented and activated with pure pomegranate, shea butter and olive extracts and oil. The experience is luxurious and the end result  is exactly what results driven skin care products aim for.....clear, bright, dewy and soft toned skin.  Ready for you to repackage, label and sell! (Larger sizes available - please contact us for a quote!)

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