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TASH Cosmetics

Moroccan Pink Clay Mask

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Our Moroccan Pink Clay Mask is a beautiful, deep pink schizandra berry extract leads the way in this formula with its astringent properties that allow the skin to hold onto more moisture and remain tighter and more toned. It's rich in crucial vitamins like C and E and helps keep things soft, plump and glowing. Infused with superstar ingredients such as Rosehip seed oil- renowned for its expert scar-healing properties, Rosa Damascena- the Queen of all roses for beauty and skincare, lends us her floral wax and extract for true cellular hydration, redness and fine line reduction. Just like it's delicate pink petals, rose's wax and essence imparts a sweet softness and natural rosy glow to the skin, Kaolin clay-  the most gentle yet effective of all the clays because it doesn't have a harsh, drying quality on the skin, kaolin clay is suitable for people with sensitive and dry skin, MSM, Geranium and Frankincense officially make this mask a self-care party worthy of your weekends and universal need to fortify and pamper your skin on the regular and leaves it looking fresh, nourished, glowy and smooth!





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