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TASH Cosmetics

MSM Infused Toner

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Give your skin a leg up with intelligent skin layering. We all understand that the base, or foundation, is what holds up the most breathtaking structures on our planet. It is the same concept with your skin!  Build the scaffolding and internal matrix in a refined and coherent way, and be glowin' baby! Start off your morning and evening skin care regimen with a powerful yet gentle base treatment. This treatment spray is for all skin types, will not clog pores, will not cause irritation, and will only create the kind of results that you desire and deserve. Layered underneath your serum, lotion, creme, and makeup, MSM Toner heals micro-scarring that results in wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, redness, and overall aging and oxidation. Active plant extracts nourish and restore integrity to your skin cells while Aloe Vera, Neroli and Vitamin C repair repair repair! Give your skin the love that it deserves and it will show up for you in the best way ever. Enjoy the brilliance of this skin treatment and toner.



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