TASH Cosmetics

No More Grit Men's Scrub


Facial whiskers on any "man's face" usually lead to ingrown bumps and red spots and oozing itchy sores. The brawnier you are in the facial hair category, the heavier the punishment if you choose to shave it off regularly. Please do not think of this exfoliating scrub as a female product. It is all male and all effective to help restore your man face to its original integrity. This daily or weekly scrub will unclog the pores of each and every hair follicle. The end result is that your post-shaven face is smooth and clear and irritation free. The smell is light, clean, fresh and sharp, without being overpowering. And is all natural and from the plant world to boot! Bless your face and enjoy this superior masculine remedy for post shave irritation.

Vegan | Organic | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free


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