TASH Cosmetics

Oil Be Gone Mask - 2 Sizes

TASH understands the unacceptable nature of blackheads and whiteheads and scars and discoloration. These are all signature prints of oily and inflamed skin. Whether you are an adult or a pubescent, facing the world with spotted skin is simply a hurdle in the human experience that we would rather banish. Here is our stellar solution to give blemishes the 'bump'-off. This calming and clarifying formula helps to regulate sebum production while battling bacteria gracefully and effectively. Striking the perfect balance between effective and gentle is elementary with this brilliant facial treatment. Our Oil Be Gone Mask is safe and gentle enough to use every day, without drying or irritating already inflamed skin. Oil Be Gone leaves irritated skin feeling and looking soothed and supple. Breakouts diminish with regular use and results are noticeable immediately. Perfect for facial acne as well as body acne. This fast-acting daily or weekly mask for pimple-prone skin treats and repairs blemished skin while actively foiling future flare-ups. Ready for you to repackage, label and sell!  (Larger sizes available - please contact us for a quote!) 

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