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Poker Face - MQO 100 pcs


New Horror, Scary & Freaky Halloween Colored Contact Lenses. These Halloween Contacts are high in water content  which ensures your eyes stay hydrated and comfortable while wearing. With a huge range to choose from your sure to find something for dress up! Styles include: Zombie, Witch, Blind, UV, Vampire, Demon, Crow & More. Whether you are cosplaying your favorite character or just trying to pop under UV light, these lenses are a perfect accessory to add the finishing touches to any costume.


  • Vivid, crisp color
  • Soft lens comfort
  • Total attention grabber
  • Retails for $19.99-24.99
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Single package size: 5X3X3 cm
  • Center Thickness: 0.08mm
  • Water Content: 40%
  • Packaging Details: Comes with either option of Blister package or Vial bottle


To add your logo to these fabulous products and brand them your own, just select add logo plate fee option (top right corner of the home page under the tab labeled "Add On's" and send us your logo to info@tashcosmetics.com Please note: If this is your first order you must choose add logo plate fee in order to have your logo hot stamped on the product and box. If you do not choose that option your products will arrive blank with no log. (you will still get the VIP discount) If this is a subsequent order please choose the reorder print fee. The print is good for a logo with 1 color only. If your logo contains multiple colors please contact us for a printing quote. Don't forget to check out our other add on options! A box can be customized for you at 200 pcs. 



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