TASH Cosmetics

The Mermaid Palette-Mixed Palette


Our Mermaid Palette Consist of 32 showstopping shades with Intense pigment, a beautiful mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shadow finishes for those who love all three-  21 mesmerizing, vibrant and holographic glitter shades - 6 Shimmery buttery beautifully crafted shimmery shades - 5  bold, beautiful and highly pigmented matte shades.

Now you can get them all in this fabulous mystical palette! Just like the mystical wonders of the beautiful mermaid in the deep blue sea, our Mermaid Palette isn’t just designed to look absolutely mesmerizing on the outside... (not that we don’t love that too!). But we've actually invested a lot of thought about each shade that went into this palette..These eyeshadows are very easy to apply, made with 6x more pigment than other shadows and delivers a long lasting all day application.The color dazzles in the light as it glistens across your eyelids and applies easily with consistency with a smooth fine texture. Great for that night out when you want to stand out in a crowd. With this palette your sure to make a statement.


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