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Wild Oats & Bee Free Vegan Honey Masque


Discover the beauty benefits behind the masque and reveal the look of deep hydration, and calmed, clarified balance with our Wild Oats and Bee Free Vegan Honey Masque.  This creamy gel masque is dripping with golden Organic Bee Free Vegan Honey, a natural humectant and antioxidant rich skin food made from wild apples, plus soothing, supportive Organic Oat Straw, Organic Aloe and moisturizing Organic Jojoba Oil. Afterwards, skin feels ultra hydrated, calmed and silky soft.  4oz.

  • VEGAN HONEY: This masque is made with bee free honey is made from all natural apple and completely vegan. PLANT-BASED: There is no bee formulated honey mixed with this vegan bee free honey. SAVE THE BEE: Use vegan honey and contribute to saving the bee.


Vegan | Organic | Paraben Free | Cruelty Free


Warning: this mask contains Organic White Willow Bark Extract, which is what Salicylic Acid is made of. When applied to thinner more sensitive skin, or skin that has had any type of prior exfoliation, you will feel a moderate warm to hot sensation. This mask may irritate very sensitive skin. Use this mask on oily to combination skin, and it will help refine texture. Only you know your skin type so use with caution. 


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