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What is your skin eating?

It's a medically proven fact that our bodies absorb significant amounts of toxins and your skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements. We take care of our bodies why wouldn't you do the same for your skin.  All of our products are Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, Organic, Vegan and Plant Based. 

TASH Cosmetics, LLC is a made to order company which means you place your order and your product goes into production after the order is placed. (prepared fresh and new). Allow an average of 5-7 business days for order to ship. We do not charge for shipping! SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE no matter how little you buy or how much you buy. 

We are truly passionate about nature and believe in incorporating luxury high performance cosmetics and skincare that give you proven results without using toxic chemicals. With TASH Cosmetics you will experience cutting edge products made with top notch  ingredients from Mother Earth infused with Vitamins and Botanicals. Our products are made from Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, Vitamins and Minerals. 


We use high quality ingredients and our extraction process doesn't compromise the biomatrix integrity of the fruit or plant, unlike the old methods of drawing out with  percolation or heat, where the raw material is often left stewing for days, fermenting and breaking down. We have offices located in the USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA so we are able to fulfill International Orders with ease.

☑ All products are made to order to ensure freshness. 

☑ Cruelty Free- because we love our furry animals.

☑ Vegan Certified.

☑ Organic, plant based. 

☑ Shipping is always free.

☑  Free of Talc, Synthetics, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Genetically Modified Ingredients and  Preservatives. 

Our Mission:

Create and provide healthy, natural alternatives for beautiful vibrant Makeup and quality-effective Skin Care.


CEO, TASH Cosmetics, LLC.

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