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  What is your skin eating?

It is a medically recognized fact that our bodies absorb significant amounts of what we put on our skin. With Certified Organic food rapidly becoming the nutrition of choice  among consumers. Why  then would you accept any less for your skin? Consider that what you put on your skin is a direct reflection of what you get back.  All of our natural products are hand made to order just for you. We specialize in Mineral makeup with high pigment for long lasting wear as well as color matching services. If your looking for natural products, Organic Makeup or skincare product to try then TASH is for you. Please visit our sample page to give us a try today.

We are truly passionate about nature and believe in incorporating her beauty benefits with luxury, high-performance cosmetics and skincare that work - without using toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances. With TASH Cosmetics you will experience cutting-edge, all-natural products made with top notch ingredients from Mother Earth infused with naturally-derived actives, vitamins and botanical's.

  • All of our products are all made to order which means, you order it, we make it that day so you know your products will always be fresh and new- Not sitting around on a shelf (with tons of toxic preservatives to keep them fresh-we only use plant based) for months waiting to be sold.

  • We have done our due diligence while creating our line's. We know exactly what's in our products and what they will do for your skin. We like to think of them as skin food. Because it will not harm your skin and in fact is "good for your skin".  Think of it this way, you wouldn't put just "anything" in your body right? Shouldn't the same go for your skin? 

  •  You only get one chance at it. The skin your born with is the only skin you have. So why not take extra precautions when it comes to what you put on it? You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Why not make it a naturally beautiful one?

  • No Animal Testing Ever. (We love our furry friends) 

  • We love our products so much and are so sure you will too, we have now incorporated our private label program so that the whole world can experience all natural, luxurious makeup and skin care too! Beautifully packaged and ready to add your own label!

Our Mission:
Create and provide healthy, natural alternatives for beautiful vibrant Makeup and quality-effective Skin Care.

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