Custom Manufacturing

Have an idea? Want to see it come to life and turn your vision into a reality? Then Custom Manufacturing is for you! 


What is does Custom Manufacturing mean?

Custom Manufacturing means "custom-made" ... It is a product that is made to fit the needs or requirements of a particular person/business.  In private label cosmetics, the base formulation is already made and owned by the manufacturer. This means you don't have to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to recreate the wheel basically.

A common question we get a lot is “what's the difference between Private Label and Custom Manufacturing, and which one is right for me?”

Private Label company, such as ours, is one that can supply you with product and packaging as one complete, ready to market item with your logo applied to brand it your own.

Custom Manufacturing, something we also provide, usually entails creating a product that is unique to you and your brand. This could be anything from a brand new formulation to adding logo stamps inside or on top of your product, such as eyeshadow stamping. (i.e. stamping your logo and/or image directly onto the shadow) Think of it as Private Label= Things we have listed on our website for you to add your logo too and Custom Manufacturing= Everything else! (not already listed on our website) 

When starting your own line, one category is not necessarily better overall than the other. Depending on your budget, time frame, and company size, however, one will be a better choice for you financially.

Custom Manufacturing is sometimes preferred with larger companies as they  feel that by having total control they are guaranteed a more unique, high quality product in the end. The truth is Private Label is just as high of quality, but maybe not as unique. However, there is something to be said for having total control of your product.

By going with custom manufacturing we can pretty much create anything you desire from start to finish. While this does result in something totally and completely unique to your brand, there are some cons to consider, especially if you are just starting out.

First and foremost, this takes time and consideration. If you are in a hurry to get your line started this is definitely not for you! You may want to start out with Private Label. As these formulations are already developed and have been tried and tested. Even Private Label takes time because we have to create your logo plate to brand your products with your logo. However, Private label typically takes 1/2 the time of Custom Manufacturing. 

Next is the price. The financial commitment with Custom Manufacturing is substantially different from Private Label. It's more expensive to start from scratch with a product than to add your logo to one already created. The minimum purchase requirements are vastly higher with Custom Manufacturing rather than Private Label. 

Now, all this may be worth it if you have an established company, however, for smaller companies that are just starting out, this is generally not the case. It all basically comes down to your budget and the current demand for your product. Custom Manufacturing requires:


1. MQO starts out at 1500 to 5000 pcs and goes up from there. Private Label on the other hand generally requires a much smaller budget as the order minimum is significantly lower. Our minimum starts at only 25-50 pcs. With CM (Custom Manufacturing) you do get a significant price break buying in bulk. The start up cost is approx. $7-10,000.00 and can vary depending on product and complexity. 

2. You MUST come to use with your own formula and ratios. We do not put this together for you. If you do not have this information, You will need to contact a chemist to get these ratios for you or you will not be able to do custom manufacturing. 

3. Time Frame is approx. 2-6 months depending on the complexity of what you are trying to create. There are NO shortcuts. If you do not have the time to wait, you may want to consider the private label alternative. 

 4. Please note; All design files are the intellectual property of TASH Cosmetics. We do not forward, send, nor give you our design files. Yes, even if it is your original idea or design. Our recreation of your design is kept safe with us. They are kept in your account for you and only you for re-orders. We do not share nor advertise your design. Your design is your design forever. If this is a problem for you, custom manufacturing is probably not the right choice for you. 


An added benefit of going with a Private Label is that the research and hard work have already been done for you. We also research fashion trends constantly to see what is popular and trendy at the particular time. The down side to Private Label is that you have limited flexibility with your product. What we have is what we have so to speak. Now, with that said you can make up for your product limitations with add creativity in choosing names and shades and a stand out logo. You just can't customize your own unique shade shapes, or eyeshadow well, or stamp your logo on your eyeshadows. But, you can still add custom names to eyeshadows and anything else we have listed under Private Label. Make sense?  

While we encourage you to start your brand 100% the way you want and envision it to be, these are just factors that should be taken into consideration. Just know, as you grow, we can work with you in Custom Manufacturing once your established. The options are endless with what we can do for you. If your ready to jump in and put your creative cap on, then hey! So are we! We love to create and brainstorm new ideas and see them come to fruition. Send us an email and we'll be more than happy to get you started.


Please Note: We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.   


Be Beautiful ~  Be Unique  ~ Be You!