Website Builder

Everything you need to start selling online!

Do you need help building your website? Yes, we do that too. TASH is literally your one stop shop for private label customized products AND more!  We can help you create a customized logo, a website, product descriptions and mockups, integrate your pages, optimize your search engine and more. Now you can make the digital world more personal for your most loyal fans/customers. With Flow and Scripts, recommend products based on your customers’ purchase history and behavior, custom discounts or shipping to make them fall in love with your brand.

From starters, entrepreneurs, and/or small and medium businesses to enterprises, high volume merchants, and large businesses - We've got you covered. Web hosting/platform charges as low as just $29/month and up. 

Build your own brand

Take complete creative control over the look and feel of your website. Choose your layout, colors, and content, and create a beautiful store even if you’re not a designer, We'll help you get there!

Transparent pricing

With our platform, you won't be charged for posting more products when you grow, and we’ll even save you money on shipping.

Sell anywhere

Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, we've got you covered. With us, you can manage multiple sales channels with just one click.

Boost conversion from product page to checkout.

Less friction at checkout means more sales. Give your customers a seamless buying experience with digital wallets right on the product page. Not to mention mobile, social, and accelerated checkout with our one-step checkout.

Sell everywhere your customers are.

Put your products in front of a global audience, on any device, with over 20 sales channels. From marketplaces to social to Point of Sale, channels are easy to implement. And 9 free expansion stores mean you can sell internationally through localized stores.


Monthly subscription paid directly to platform host:

  • Basic plan costs $29 per month, with 2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction. 
  • The Main plan costs $79 per month, with 2.6% + 30¢ per transaction.
  • Advanced plan costs $299 per month, with 2.4% + 30¢ per transaction. 



Depending on your needs, building a website can cost anywhere between $100 and $1500. If you need a feature-rich, custom-built website, it can go as high as $30,000 or more. To build a small website, you'll need to have a budget for the domain name and web hosting.

Specifically, the 2 factors determining how much work is involved are the size and complexity of your site.

That means a nice-looking, professional 10-page informational website with standard customization is going to cost less than a highly customized 50-page website with all the bells and whistles.

In terms of actual dollars, the cost to build a website for a small business could be less than $1,000 or more than $10,000. (depending on what you want)



1. Small Business Website:

This is for a basic informational website with very little customization needed. Usually less than 20 pages, with a couple of stock photos, and no unique functionality. Upfront rates start at $499.00 and up.

2. Medium-Sized Business Website:

Mostly for commercial websites with no more than 75 pages, content management system (CMS) enabled, custom design layouts and imagery, and some unique functionality set up by developers. Upfront rates: $799.00 and up.

3. Ecommerce Website:

A website where customers can browse and purchase products; integration of a payment gateway is necessary, as is imagery, copy-writing, a CMS, and beta testing. Upfront cost: $999.00 and up.

4. Large Business Website:

A large scale website with several hundred pages, custom design layouts and imagery, a content management system, unique functionality, and supplementary features (such as personalized development, blog integration, multimedia creation, and more). Upfront cost: $1299.00 and up.


*Please note, these fees do not include monthly web hosting or domain name charges.