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You bring the passion and creativity and we'll supply the quality cosmetics to help formulate your brand! Whether you have an existing collection and are looking to expand, or you are just starting out, we are the right company for you! We do Private Label differently! We cater to start up business, small business as well as larger brands wanting to expand their lines. 

We strive to make this process as easy as possible for our VIP customers and have outlined some important information regarding our private label process to ensure creating your brand goes as smoothly as possible. You'll notice we repeat ourselves a lot on this page and that is because repetition sticks, and we want you to fully understand how the process works.


1. We offer two types of private label which allows us to stay competitive while focusing on you - our customer! 


No Label Products: 

Our NO label products are sold in mqo of just 12 pcs. This allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in hot stamping.  We are not a sample company. Our MQO to sample is 12pcs. You can order these directly from our website, or if you would like you can purchase single items from "our line" to test our quality. Go under the home tab on the website to view our line. Some of our sample products comes with boxes and some do not. You can purchase sample boxes separately if this is something you need. Make sure to ask your account manager or sales associate. 


Hot Stamped Products: 

We have a minimum order requirement of 50-100 pcs to hot stamp your logo to our products and the box the product comes in. Our one time plate fee of $250.00 to create the logo plate that actually hot stamps your logo to the product and box and a flat fee of just $50.00 for reorder printing fee based on 1  single color logo and 160.00 for multi color printing. Anything over 1 color logo is considered multi color printing. This fee is charged each time you order and covers the cost of the ink used, running the machine and paying the printer. This is common practice in private label.

This is considered our VIP package, and you get special discounts on product (10-25% off the website pricing) Plus a special discount code that will be given through your account manager. You will be assigned an account manager once you sign up for an account. The account icon in the top right hand corner is where you will go to do that. They will walk you through the process, answer any questions, help with offering feedback on important decisions that may impact your business, suggestions, color options, and more!

Our hot stamped products come in standard boxes which we will also add your logo to. If you want/need to add or change verbiage on the box of the product we can do this for you as well for an additional fee. Ask your account manager.  This is considered a customized box, not a standard box which is free with the purchase of hot stamping. If your buying an eyeshadow or palette and want to name your shadows there is a $35.00 charge to add your names under the shadows/or on the shadows. You can also add stamps to your custom palette. This is not a DIY palette or a pre filled palette. This is considered a custom palette and will need to be discussed with your account manager prior to purchase.  Please note, private label or custom orders are non refundable. All sales are final.


For a list of add on's please visit our page:



2. Colors and shades can be mixed and matched if it's with in the same listing.  If there is something you can't live without (in your line) but don't see it on our site - we will make it for you. And now,  TASH has teamed up some with pretty great manufactures and chemist around the world to bring you even more fabulous products! So if we don't have it, one of our great designs will!


3. We can create labels, mockup of the product with your logo for your site (with VIP package it's free - with 12 pcs it's $35.00), We can help you get a domain name and even create a stunning website (check our website builder page). Or inquire at 


Finance It! 

We have teamed up with AfterPay USA, Quadpay and Sezzle and now offer financing to make your dream/vision of being a boss babe an easier reality! Now you can finance all your skincare and cosmetic needs with simple sign up applications, zero interest and 4 monthly installments.  This makes starting your private label business as easy as 1-2-3!  Just click on the AfterPay or Sezzle link at checkout to choose one or both of these options. (links displayed on all product pages, you must go through the whole cart process to the very end where it asks for payment method and there you will see your financing options)





Download PDF here:



Time Frame For Private Label:

Private Label takes approx.4-6 weeks due to the fact that we have to first make the plate for your logo to hot stamp the product and next make the actual  product, second hot stamp the product and package, third send it through our quality control department, then prepare for shipping. Typically, we get it done faster, however we allow ourselves that time frame due to orders in que, busy season, and quality control.

Unfortunately, this takes time. We know that your order is important to you and that you want it as soon as possible so we do our best to get things done in a timely manner If you have an order that needs to be processed and prepared right away we can expedite your order, however there is a $150.00 rush order fee and this must be discussed before your purchase, it can not be added mid production.

If you are purchasing a no logo no label product, the time frame is approx. 2-3 weeks due to the fact that we still have to go through the same procedures minus creating the plate for your logo and hot stamping. We have strict policies on QC (quality control) and this step can not be rushed or skipped. This ensures your product will arrive to you Fresh and Fabulous! If it's from our line, typically 2-3 days. 



Shipping is based on weight and shipping location. Some locations may take longer than others. We do not have control over the postal service.



What does MQO order mean?  MQO= Minimum Quantity Order. If the MQO is 12 you must buy 12 items to fulfill that requirement. If there are various shades in one category, you can mix and match shades to meet your MQO requirements. But only if it is within the same product listing. 


At TASH Cosmetics, we offer a variety of services from private label, no label to fully custom manufacturing all at affordable prices. With us you can purchase finished products ready to label, bases, and raw ingredients online, 24/7.

Our goal is to make the process of launching your own beauty brand fun and easy! We want you to succeed which is why we give you all of the tools you need to do so. TASH Cosmetics prides itself on manufacturing quality formulas, on-trend products, and attractive merchandising to help our partners build their own brands.

Now, this is a lot of information to take in, so read it carefully, take a day or so and then read it again. We want to make sure you really have it down before jumping in head first. We can also send you our Private Label PDF.


Private Label 101

So you are dreaming of building your own makeup and skincare line, but are unsure whether private labeling is best for your business. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started with your own beauty brand. Launching your own brand is easier than you think. We offer a wide range of creative, high quality cosmetics, skincare and accessories that can be your custom branded cosmetic line.


What Is Private Labeling?

Private labeling means adding your logo to our products – components, boxes and displays.

Private labeling allows you to position yourself on the market in a professional manner and enables you to compete with confidence against the major brand names.

What Is The Minimum Quantity For Private Label Order:

No label items: 12 pcs.

Hot Stamped items: 50-100 pcs. (depending on the product) 


What logo colors are available?

Available in-house Logo Colors- Black, White, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Red Bronze, Copper and Red Bronze. If you don't see your color here, just let us know!


How long does private labeling take?

First time logo plate orders: Allow 4 – 6 weeks for preparation of plates, products and stamping.

Repeat orders with logo plates on file: Allow 2-3 weeks in-house before order ships.

(Note: Depending on season it is important to check with your sales rep for more detailed dates. In cosmetics, we have slow seasons and busy seasons)



What Is The Payment Policy?

You can either choose to pay in full on our website for no label products, or If you want your products hot stamped we will put together a quote and send it to you for review and then invoice you for the balance in full before production starts. 

We also offer financing via Afterpay USA, Quadpay and Sezzle. Easy applications, no interest, easy repayment terms. This allows you the freedom to purchase your products and not tie up your capital. (link to both is available on all of our product listings)


What do you need to get started?

Basically just a dream and a vision!

For no label products, you don't need anything. It's very cut and dry, simple to the point. You go directly on our website and purchase there. Prices are what they are on the website. For VIP/hot stamp discounts you will need to contact your account manager. 


Logo File Format:

For hot stamping, we typically require your logo and artwork in PNG, Jpeg to be emailed (png and jpeg are easier for us to work with as we run your logo through an auto enhancer to ensure your logo comes out crisp and clear, not fuzzy or blurry. 

* If you do not have a logo, we can help create your vision. Our inhouse graphic designer charges $75.00 per hour to create a beautifully well branded logo for you.  (most logo's only take 35-45  minutes to create depending on the complexity and composition) Our artwork designer is pretty quick!


Types of Private Label Available:

We have 3 different types of Private Label. You can choose which option best suits your company needs.



No Label products are products which are already formulated and packaged and ready for you to add your label. You purchase the product "naked-so to speak" with no label and you add your own. This is the cheapest way for start up brands to get their line going. All of the information for each product as well as directions and ingredients is on our website. This makes it easy for you when labeling. There is information below on your labeling options as well as companies that we work closely with to achieve beautiful labels. Our No Label products have a 12 pc MQO requirement which is listed on our website. These products are not hot stamped with your logo and some come with no boxes. You will add your own logo to these.



Our Private Label products have a minimum order of 50-100 pcs per unit. Private label products can be screen printed with your label/logo on them. No label products can not. There is a mold fee for your label/logo which is a one time fee for that product/component. As long as your label/logo does not change for that product you will not be charged for that again with future purchases with in that category.

This allows you to focus on branding and selling your makeup and skincare products. You choose from a wide range of pre-existing, proven formulas and shades ready to be sold under your brand name with your own logo.  We take care of all product development and manufacturing, so you can enjoy low startup costs, low risk and high profit margins.

As private label products are already made, order minimums tend to be lower than those of contract manufacturing. Additionally, startup costs are lower as you do not need to invest in research & development, as your private label company, we have already developed and tested all products. With so many products in our library, you can pick and choose to curate the perfect collection for your business and clientele. You can enjoy high profit margins by buying our products in bulk, as we do offer wholesale pricing. In turn you then upsell or charge a premium to your customers for the brand you have created. 

Private label may be best suited for spa & salon owners, freelance makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs who want to expand product offerings and retail services to include a makeup & skincare line.


Custom Manufacturing:

I'm not going to lie to you. Custom manufacturing can be pricey depending on what you want. It's best for you to contact us via chat, email or phone if you have a custom requirement. Example, you want a new type of lipstick made that no one else has, we can make it for you with the ingredients and formulation you choose. Typically this service costs in the range of $2500.00 to $5000.00 and up. But it's best to get an actual quote as I stated before. 


Our Private Label is PRIVATE:

Our private label is private! Rest assured, we will not give too much information on our site or social media pages as to keep your business "private".  No one will ever know you did not make it yourself, but you! 



Create your own cosmetics and skincare business. Pick your name and create a logo or branding for your company.

Private label cosmetics and skincare from TASH Cosmetics makes it easy for you to build your brand and increase your profitability.



Start by developing your idea for your brand and the vision you have for it before you jump right into it. Going forward with your vision will help you decide what products to have in your makeup and/or skincare line. You might want to do an all-inclusive beauty product line, lipstick line, or skincare line. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to expand an existing business, our prestige-quality, private label formulas with luxury packaging are exactly what you need to succeed.



Create an online account. This helps you keep track of your orders throughout the year. 



Select the products and shades that reflect your brand’s style and vision. Try our products! If your unsure of what you want to have hot stamped with your logo you can order right off our website. This will help you become better acquainted with our luxurious formulas and on-trend colors. Or- if your a go getter and know exactly what you want-jump on it!  We're ready to help you and your company succeed either way! 



Make your brand instantly recognizable by adding your logo and custom designs to your products. Be as creative or simple as you want your brand to be. Remember, You are branding your future and the future of your company so make it count. 


Show them what you got!  Market...Market...Market!  And leave the rest to us! Tell them why your different and why they should buy from you! Because you have the best. If your unsure of whether to Hot Stamp or Paper Label your products let us help you out!  We have been through it all and can tell you from experience that the cheaper way to go (in the beginning anyway, sometimes we still do it) is to paper logo your products.
Hot Stamping/Screen printing can be an investment, However it looks more professional and will set you apart from other companies. We do not make your paper logo for you. 
For Hot Stamping:
We print in the following colors: Black, White, Silver, Hot pink, Red, Gold, Blue, Green and Purple. We are adding more colors to our print shades so be sure to check with us if you have a color that is not on our list. Our fee is based on the complexity of the logo/label, the colors chosen for the logo/label.
Paper Labels:
As a company, when we started out this is what we did until we started making a profit and then we transitioned over to Hot Stamping on most of our products. We have found the best self print labels come from a company we have been working with and referring people to for many years. Online Labels. Not only do they have a ton of labels in various sizes, shapes and materials to choose from, but they also have no minimums. (which we love) Because if your a starter company, lets face it, things get expensive real fast. With online labels you can choose from color labels, clear labels, waterproof labels, or you can even have them laser print them for you -at a cost. They also have an online Maestro Label Designer build right into their website. It's really fail proof. And if you get stuck, they help you every step of the way. Their customer service is superior. If it wasn't believe me we would not be working nor referring people to them.
Here is a link to their website:


It's as easy as 1-2-3!


❤️ Create an account and instantly become a member of TASH.

❤️ Email us for more information or any questions you may have.

❤️ Start shopping and building your brand!


Ready. Set. Sell.



    Stay Beautiful!

    The TASH Family.

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