TASH Cosmetics Private Label has silently been building brands of all sizes for decades and we are excited to work with you!  We are a full service manufacturer. We work with MUA's, start up brands and major brands in Sephora, ULTA, QVC, and everything in between.

TASH Cosmetics proudly offers you the opportunity to present your products in the most professional way possible. When getting started in the private label business the first step is choosing a line of quality cosmetics and skin care. Second is creating a label that reflects the style, image and professionalism of your business. A well designed label increases the product’s value and promotes name recognition.


It is very "Important" you read these policies in their entirety.  It is your responsibility as the buyer and company to make sure you do your due diligence and fully understand our Private Label practices before making your purchase. It may seem like a lot to go through, but will benefit you in the end. Knowledge is power! 


How does the process work?

-Create an account (no code needed)

-Order your product selection via the computer system or through direct invoice via your account manager 

-The product goes into processing (1-2 days) 

-The product goes into production (2-3 weeks no label products and 4-6 weeks hot stamped products) 

-The product goes into printing (if it is required)

-The product goes into a 3rd party Quality Control department  (all orders) 

-The product is in line for shipping (pre shipment label printed)

-The product ships out (notifications are sent via computer system with tracking information) 

Products are typically shipped priority 2-day mail, however if you pay for a cheaper shipping method that is what we will use to ship your products to you. 

Please note; paying for 2 day priority mail shipping does not account for production time. It takes 2-3 weeks for processing, production and quality control, and finally shipping. (This is for no logo products) When the product is finished it is shipped in the manner in which you select at checkout and you are notified of the tracking number. 

3rd Party Quality Control:
At TASH Cosmetics we have a third-party quality control company that we have hired to go through each and every order to ensure you are receiving exactly what is on the packing slip and it is then signed off by the operator inspecting the package. The operator then takes pictures of what is being sent out and notes each and every account. Again, to ensure you are receiving exactly what you ordered. 
If you feel that you did not receive the correct products there is a Protocol to follow which would be taking pictures of everything you did receive and emailing them to us. Once we receive the pictures you sent us, we then go to the quality control pictures that were taken by the operator who inspected the package. If the pictures match, we will advise you that your claim has been denied and it becomes a Permanent part of your account record. If it does not match up, we then file a claim and start our investigation. 
These safety protocols have been set up to ensure quality is met each and every order.  


1. No Label Products: 

Our NO label products are sold in mqo of just 12 pcs. (this is considered a sample order) This allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in hot stamping. The prices are what they are on the website for this option. You may use a discount code to offset total cost.


2. Hot Stamped Products: 

We require a minimum of 50-100 pcs to hot stamp your logo to our products. Most of our products have a MQO of just 50pcs, but due to the nature and ingredients in certain product, they require a higher MQO which would be 100pcs. Each is described on the given product page so you will always know the MQO before buying a specific product.


3. LOGO Plate and Printing Fee: Our logo plate fee is $250.00 for one color logo and $325.00 for multi color logo. This is what it costs to create your logo plate that actually hot stamps your logo on to the product and box.This is a one time as long as your logo does not change and/or the product and component do not change. The printing fee of 50.00 is for 1 color print. If your logo is multi color you will need to purchase the multi color logo reprint fee which is 160.00.  At TASH Cosmetics we think outside the box! We can print any type of logo you can dream of. We are not limited to logos with just your business name. If you are unsure if we can print it - just ask! Chances are we can do. 

 *Please note: These above MQO requirements and fees are our company policy. And in the private label world are very fair and competitive prices in line with other companies. If you are a start up business and on a budget, we totally get it! Contact your AM (account manager) and they will help you start a line that is within your budget. 


4. Time Frame For Private Label:

Private Label takes approx.4-6 weeks due to the fact that we have to first make the logo plate that turns your digital logo into a printable logo that runs through the printing press adding your logo and/or design to the product and box. Next we make the actual  product, Add then we print on the product and packaging, Next we send it through our 3rd party quality control department, then prepare it for shipping.  Unfortunately, this takes time. If you can not wait the 4-6 weeks for your initial order, please do not order. We have a strict quality control guideline and will not deviate from this, there are NO shortcuts here. No Logo products take approximately 2-3 weeks because they go through the same procedure. If you require a mockup, the production time does not start until you have approved the mock up. Once you approve the mock up it is then attached to your order with the approval date. 


5. Products are basically made to order:

 We do not have a large warehouse where we store products. We want to send you something fresh and new not something with a shelf life that has been sitting around on the shelf for 2 months already waiting to be purchased. So, with this said, you make the order, we process the order, then it goes into production, then quality control, then shipping. Again, there are no shortcuts here. 


6. Order Processing Times:

Our processing times are 12-24 hours. If you order on a weekend or holiday  your order will be processed the next available business day. Once an order has been processed there can no longer be any changes made to the order. 


7. Product Shipping: 

We typically use Priority Mail to ship out your products. Your products will ship out in the order they come out of Quality Control. What does this mean for you? It means you may receive a partial shipment of your order and then a few days later receive the remaining part of your order. We do not hold orders for complete shipment. As mentioned above due to the nature of our ingredients (most plant based, vegan and cruelty free) and the fact that we do not store products in a warehouse, you may be getting several packages from us. 


8. Email Tracking Notifications: 

Once your package has been shipped you will be notified via email sent directly from the computer to your email with a tracking number. It is your responsibility to read the email and track your package. Sometimes these automated messages go to your spam box, so please check there as well. 


9. Pre-shipment notifications:

If you receive a pre shipment notification, that means your product is in QC and next in line for shipping. Don't worry if this take a few days. It just means your next in line for shipping. Just track your package until there is an update on the status. 


10. Returns:

We do not offer refunds or returns for buyers remorse so please select and buy your items carefully. If an item was sent by mistake in the wrong shade or color and it was our mistake - let's face it were only human and once in a great while a mistake can happen. Please contact us and we will issue you an RAN number to return any " Oops" items. Also please note, due to the different variations in computer monitors, the colors may look a little different to you in person than they do on the monitor. This is normal and not a mistake. 


11. Lost Packages: 

If your package shows delivered, yet you did not receive it you must file a lost package complaint with your local post office. We will definitely help you by providing you all necessary information, however this is not something we can initiate for you. If we are needed to step in we definitely will. But the initial complaint must be filed by you. If you move, you need to go in to your account and change your shipping address. We are not permitted to go in and change/access any personal information on your account. That is your responsibility to keep this information updated. 


12. Mock-up:

Mock-ups of products are time consuming for our graphic designer to do and not something we do for free unfortunately. Please do not purchase with the assumption a mock up will automatically be done. If this is something you want, you can purchase it directly from our website under our add ons tab or contact your account manager. Again, This needs to be done at the time of purchase. Please contact your account manager if more information or clarity is needed regarding mock ups. 


13. Approved Logos:

If you request to approve your logo prior to printing, we will show you what the logo placement will look like. Your account will be noted that you requested this prior to printing. If you do not request it your account will be noted that you did not request logo approval prior to printing. Once you approve the logo, that is it. It is finalized and cannot be changed. So make sure you have everything you want on your packaging prior to production. If you approve your logo and placement mock up and then decide you do not like it there is nothing we can do to change it once it goes into production. If you do not request prior to printing approval, we will not contact you to show you the logo and will send it directly to print. We do keep record of the approvals and non approvals and it is considered a permanent part of your account file.  


14. My item arrived damaged. What should I do?

If you received damaged merchandise, please retain the box, packaging and all contents and contact your account manager for assistance. We do ask for photos of the damages to determine if the damage was caused during shipping so please be prepared to send photos of the damage, the box, the packing materials and items inside and contact us as soon as possible.


15. What is your restocking fee policy:

We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.   


16. Can you help me with my countries Taxes:

 Unfortunately no. We are NOT responsible for any Customs fee's or TAXES. Import duties and taxes are NOT included in the item price or    shipping charges.

Please check with your own country's customs office to find out if there is any additional Import taxes that will need to be paid prior to purchasing from us. 


17. Can you help me get licensed to sell my products: 

Unfortunately no. This is something you will need to research and do on your own. We do not provide this service. We do not add you to our insurance, nor do we assist you in obtaining insurance. This is up to you and your companies associates.


18. How do I get a better discount:

Bulk orders receive a better discount. We have discounts based on tear levels. VIP discounts are available for those who order 50 pcs or more. If you are ordering 250 pcs or more you will receive a larger discount than if you are ordering just 50 pcs. (Supply and demand) 


19. Shipping Costs: 

Shipping costs are calculated by weight and location. The more you buy the more you save terminology applies to shipping as well because we get a discount for larger quantities. We do not control the shipping rates. We go by what the USPS calculates for rates. Rates are flexible and go up and down all of the time as set forth by USPS. Lately the shipping costs and time frames for everything have been a roller coaster. This is most likely due to covid and non of us have any control over this. We will however, do our best to get you your products in quickest way possible. 


20. Can I Change The Tubes, Containers, or boxes the products come in?

No. All products have been fitted for their specific tube and boxes. If you want to do something other than what is listed on our website please contact your account manager for pricing.


21. Additional applications required by your country to sell:

We do not apply for any any additional applications in order for you to sell your private labeled products in your country. That would need to be done by you prior to purchasing. We will however supply our SDS and Vegan cert if needed. 


22. Restocking Fee: 

We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.  


23. Legalities:

Even though we do not anticipate it, things can happen and things can come up. Were cautious and realistic all at the same time. We do have a legal team with business attorneys that handle all of our legal disclosures, legal contracts and any legal issues that may arise. All problems and resolutions would be addressed by our legal team-If needed.  






Finance It! 

We have teamed up with AfterPay USA and Sezzle and now offer financing to make your dream/vision of being a boss babe an easier reality! Now you can finance all your skincare and cosmetic needs. Easy financing application with low monthly payments. This makes starting your private label business as easy as 1-2-3!  Just choose one of our easy financing choices at checkout. (link displayed on all product pages)




Once your selections are added to cart, you can enter the discount code given to you by your account manager and checkout. We do offer financing through Afterpay, Sezzle and have also added Quadpay. You can select these options at the end of checkout if you are looking to finance your purchase. We do not know how much they will approve you for, that is between you and the finance companies. We never see your personal information, nor do we contact them on your behalf. However, if you are only approved for less than your purchase, please contact your account manager. We do have some creative ways of breaking up your order for you that may help with this situation.  



*Please note, private label, custom orders and no label orders are non refundable. All sales are final. We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.