Brand Development


Create your own cosmetics and skincare business. Pick your business name, launch date, products and create a logo or branding for your company. Private label cosmetics and skincare from TASH Cosmetics makes it easy for you to build your brand and increase your profitability.



Start by developing your idea for your brand and the vision you have for it before you jump right into it. Going forward with your vision will help you decide what products to have in your makeup and/or skincare line. You might want to do an all-inclusive beauty product line, lipstick line, or skincare line. Whether you’re just starting out or ready to expand an existing business, our prestige-quality, private label formulas with luxury packaging are exactly what you need to succeed.



Register online to be approved to shop our full collection of cosmetics and skincare. This also helps you keep track of your orders throughout the year. 



Select the products and shades that reflect your brand’s style and vision. If your unsure of what you want to start with just order some samples and test the waters. This will help you become better acquainted with our luxurious formulas and on-trend colors. Or- if your a go getter and know exactly what you want-jump on it! Were ready to help you and your company succeed. If you're sure of what you want and your vision for your brand - Jump on in. The waters nice!  Either way were ready to help you get started. 



 Make your brand instantly recognizable by adding your logo and custom designs to your products. Be as creative or simple as you want your brand to be. Remember, You are branding your future and the future of your company so make it count. 


Show them what you got!  Market...Market...Market!  And leave the rest to us! Tell them why your different and why they should buy from you! Because you have the best. If your unsure of whether to Hot Stamp or Paper Label your products let us help you out!  We have been through it all and can tell you from experience that the cheaper way to go (in the beginning anyway, sometimes we still do it) is to paper logo your products. Hot Stamping/Screen printing can be an investment. But in the meantime you can create a beautiful logo yourself and place them on these products for a third of the cost. Once you have some time, experience and your established with sales coming in, then consider upgrading. To Silk Print or Hot Stamp your logo onto products your logo should be in Jpeg format.  No fuzzy business!  We need clean, clear crisp logos.
For Hot Stamping:
We print in the following colors: Black, White, Silver, Hot pink, Red, Gold, Blue, Green and Purple. We are adding more colors to our print shades so be sure to check with us if you have a color that is not on our list. Our fee is based on the complexity of the logo/label, the colors chosen for the logo/label.
Logo Plate Fees:
For example the mold charge to make your printable logo is $250.00 for one color logo and $325.00 for multi color logo. This is for this is a one time fee for one color print logo-unless you change your logo or your are ordering a different size component. (I.E Lipstick tube to an eyeshadow palette) In that case we would have to create a new mold and there would be an additional $140.00 resize fee.
 There is always a charge of $50.00 to reprint your logo in a new order. This is for 1 color logo and covers the cost of the ink, running the machine and paying the printer. If your logo is more than 1 color it is considered multi color and the fee is $160.00 each run. However, we run  specials all of the time where this service is 50% off. If your unsure just ask! This is a very common practice in private label. 
Hot Stamping definitely looks more professional, but if your a new company just starting out maybe you can not afford to do that, In which you may want to paper label your own products until your business grows. If you still need help chat with us or send us an email and we will help you every step of the way!  (
Paper Labels:
As a company, when we started out this is what we did until we started making a profit and then we transitioned over to Silk Printing on most of our products. We have found the best self print labels come from a company we have been working with and referring people to for many years. Online Labels. Not only do they have a ton of labels in various sizes, shapes and materials to choose from, but they also have no minimums. (which we love) Because if your a starter company, lets face it, things get expensive real fast. With online labels you can choose from color labels, clear labels, waterproof labels, or you can even have them laser print them for you -at a cost. They also have an online Maestro Label Designer build right into their website. It's really fail proof. And if you get stuck, they help you every step of the way. Their customer service is superior. If it wasn't believe me we would not be working nor referring people to them. 
Here is a link to their website:
VIP Discount: 
If you are wanting to have products hot stamped with your logo please do not order directly off the website! Please email one of the emails below for a quote, as these prices will be different than our pricing on line. Hot stamping is buying in bulk and you will receive our VIP discount!

IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3! 


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