MOQ Requirements

Minimum Quantity Order Requirements: 

What does MQO or MOQ order mean?  MQO= Minimum Quantity Order. If the MQO is 12 you must buy 12 pcs to fulfill that requirement. If there are various shades in one product listing, you can mix and match shades to meet your MQO requirements. But only if it is within the same listing. You can not purchase 4 liquid lipsticks, 4 lip glosses and 4 solid lipsticks to total 12 pcs. It MUST be in the same product listing. Please do not purchase from the VIP 50 pc listing unless you intend to buy 25 pcs as we will catch this during processing. (sorry!) 


No Label Products: 

Our NO label products are sold in mqo of just 12 pcs. This allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in hot stamping. The prices are what they are on the website for this option.


Hot Stamped Products: 

We require a MQO/MOQ of 25-50 pcs to hot stamp your logo to our products. Most of our products have a MQO of just 25pcs, but due to the nature and ingredients in certain products, they require a higher MQO which would be 50pcs. Each is described on the given product page so you will always know the MQO before buying a specific product.

LOGO Plate and Printing Fee: Our logo plate fee is $250.00 for one color logo and $325.00 for multi color logo. This is what it costs to create your logo plate that actually hot stamps your logo on to the product and box.This is a one time as long as your logo does not change and/or the product and component do not change. The printing fee of 50.00 is for 1 color print. If your logo is multi color you will need to purchase the multi color logo reprint fee which is 160.00.

Multi LOGO resize fee: This is a fee $140.00 to change the same logo plate you have already used for a certain product and make it larger or smaller to fit another product. (I.E and eyeshadow palette logo size down to a lipstick logo size) 

Rush fee: This is a add on fee of $150.00 that is charged when you need your product in a rush and do not have time to wait the normal turn times. Adding this fee to your order puts your in the front line of production. This is not a one time fee and can be used as many times as you need it. 

Name change fee: This is an add on fee of just $35.00 per category ordered. This option is used when changing or adding your own custom names to products. (I.E red lipstick #10 changed to cherry bomb, etc) 

Reorder print fee: This is a $50.00 reprint fee for one color logo and $160.00 reprint fee for multi-full color logo - each run. Unfortunately, we have to pay the printer each time they print your logo. This covers the cost of ink and the printer. This is an every time you restock fee. If you have searched around for private label, you will find that this is common practice among private label companies. 

Custom Manufacturing: This is case by case pricing depending on the product being created, the ingredients and time involved in making said product, packaging, logo etc. There are way too many variables to be able to list a price here, however, the MQO for this typically starts out at 1500-2500 pcs and up. (VIP discount applies for buying in bulk) 


These above MQO requirements and fees are our company policy. And in the private label world are very fair and competitive prices in line with other companies. If you are a start up business and on a budget, we totally get it! Contact your AM (account manager) and they will help you start a line that is within your budget.  


*Please note, private label, custom orders and no label orders are non refundable. All sales are final. We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.   


Please note: At TASH Cosmetics we think outside the box! We can print any type of logo you can dream of. We are not limited to logos with just your business name. If you are unsure if we can print it - just ask! Chances are we can do.