"Why Blend in when you were born to stand out"



 ♥ Hello Beautiful! ♥ Welcome to TASH Cosmetics! 

TASH Cosmetics, LLC is women owned and operated.Owned by Tasha Guerrero-Castagna.

A message from the TASH:

" I created TASH Cosmetics many years ago, but just recently-within the past few years started a website and opened my baby up to the rest of the world."

As a child, the two things I always dreamed about was being a mom and being a strong positive influence on the world, a women entrepreneur. I always played with makeup and dolls for as long as I can remember - and then put makeup on my dolls lol. I loved to create even at a young age. I dreamed of someday leaving my mark on the world. As I got (much) older, I had my first child and my plans changed. My devotion was now to my child. Married and 6 kids later (with 8 grandkids now and counting) I decided to revisit my passion. I put together a group called the " Glam Squad." We traveled to LA and made our mark there. We have worked with several celebrities such as Judy Evans (Days Of Our Lives), Patrika Darbo (Days Of Our Lives) Scott and Renee Baio, Alexa Farr, Willie and Korie Robertson, Blake Shelton and the fabulous Brooke Lewis. (to name a few)

We did hair and makeup for big events such as T.V. Movie Guide Awards and the 40th Daytime Emmys and did several private celebrity parties. We were truly blessed in this area. 

Eventually, after years of traveling took its toll on us, our group went our separate ways. We still did events however, they were just more local. It's hard to always travel with kids at home. I felt a void not being not being as hands on in the creativity department and thus, TASH Cosmetics was born.  I had a vision, put forth a plan and turned my dream into a reality.

" While it's hard to open up about certain parts of my childhood, I really feel that because of my past - that is why I am who I am today and where I am today."

I am very much about building women up and supporting each other. Being told you can't do this or that, made me want it even more and fight even harder to make it happen. I really believe that with passion, hard work and dedication you can do whatever your heart desires. I was not born into money, I have never had investors in my company. Everything I have done has been on my own with my own money, blood, sweat and tears. I worked day and night to get this company where it is today. (well, my husband included) He has been my biggest supporter through this journey. And while we still have mountains to climb to get this company where I envision it to be, we believe with truth, beauty and knowledge as well as our fabulous fans and customers, we will get there.

There are many cosmetics and skin care companies in this industry. You might be thinking " Why even bother, there's too much competition."  And believe me there have been occasions where I felt like that too. But my passion and dedication to my craft always persevered. That my beauties is the difference between a hobby and a passion. I believe that when you buy from a small business you are supporting a family, supporting someone's dream and someone's passion. 

When I quickly came to the realization that there was a major void in the cosmetics industry, which in my opinion was quality, innovative and contemporary products at a price everyone could afford, along with holding yourself to a higher standard, It became my mission to fix it. Whoa! Big mission right? Yes. But I took on the challenge because I believe that good quality products should be available to everyone. So, Little by little, I started my journey of brand awareness as a beauty blogger. A job which I absolutely loved! That is one of the reasons I love working with beauty bloggers and makeup artists so much - because I was one of them for many many years. My new mission was to redefine luxury beauty by creating amazing products at prices that don't break the bank. 

Through the years we have not only perfected our craft, but we have also combined our in-depth knowledge of business needs and trends, creative forces and artistic passion to develop an extensive brand of top quality, chic, cosmetics and skin care products for professional makeup artists, industry professionals and national retailers. We’re a small team dedicated to bringing affordable, fun, and high quality products into the ever growing world of cosmetics. With us, you will experience cutting edge products made with top notch ingredients infused with Vitamins and Botanicals. NEVER tested on animals.  (We test on our friends and family - lol)

At TASH we pride ourselves on being a cruelty-free and wallet-friendly company.♥  

"TASH Cosmetics is a Cruelty Free Company. ♥ 100% of our products are CRUELTY FREE. We do not agree, adhere to nor do we practice animal testing on any of our products. At TASH we go beyond buying. We only purchase ingredients from suppliers that do not condone or test on animals and work to preserve endangered plants and animals."

Another thing you may not know about TASH Cosmetics is that we believe in giving back to the community. We donate monthly to several charities such as  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Cancer Research (a topic very close to home), Battered Women's Shelter, Children's Hospital, St. Jude, and several Homeless Shelters. And as we grow as a company, so will our donation list. When you buy from TASH Cosmetics, you are not only buying from a women owned and operated company, a small business that is growing with your help, but you are also donating to the companies listed above. You are essentially participating in becoming part of the solution.  "Let your voice be heard"

At TASH Cosmetics, we acknowledge and celebrate diversity and individuality for all ages, races and genders … (beauty and love has no age, race or gender so why should our makeup?) Our goal is to provide unique, stylish, trendsetting top of line products that inspire and empower. At TASH we are truly passionate about luxury high performance ingredients that give you proven results. No matter your taste: Casual, Edgy or Dramatic and Bold, at TASH we think outside the box and have something for everyone!

As a valued customer of TASH Cosmetics, you will not only receive top notch customer service and excellent quality products, but also surprize FREE upgrades (on occasion) along with samples of our other fabulous products. You can stay in tune with the latest and greatest from TASH Cosmetics, as well as promotional discount codes by creating an account on our website and following us on our social media sites:

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♥ Our Motto: " Why blend in when you were born to stand out? "

♥ Our Mission: To create and provide choices that empower men and women. After all, isn't it about time we all had a choice?

*Proud member of PETA ♥ 
*Vegan Certified ♥ 









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