Hello Beautiful! Let's get your questions answered!

 Are your products cruelty free? 

Absolutely! We love our furry friends as much as you do so we made sure our products are not tested on animals. We use alternative formulas when needed, plant based and botanical, we do not use animal byproducts nor do we test on our on furry little friends!  Only friends and family :-)


I have an Idea of a product I really want to make, can you create this product for me?

Absolutely! This considered Custom Manufacturing. We do it all of the time for the bigger companies who want a product unique to their own brand. Send us an email and we'll chat! 


Are there minimum requirements to purchase at TASH Cosmetics? 

Yes there is. As with any private label company, we have certain policies and procedures set in place to ensure everyone is successful with a smooth transaction. With that being said, our minimums are as follows:


1. Retail products have no minimum quantity order requirements

2. No logo no label sample products: MQO 12 pcs

3. Private label bulk no logo: MQO 25-50 pcs (VIP discount applies) 

4. Private Label w/logo: MQO 25-50 pcs (VIP discount applies) 

5. Custom Manufacturing: MQO 1500.00-5000 pcs and up (VIP discount applies) 


Can you print my logo in full color or is this considered Custom Manufacturing?

Yes! We can print in full color. It does cost more to print in full color than in our normal basic black, white, pink, blue, green, gold, well you get the idea! Example: if you are ordering a DIY palette, or even a pre filled palette, absolutely we can print a full color picture or word logo on to that palette for you. The plate fee will still apply and be the same, however the printing fee will be different. If you would like more information on full scale printing or photo printing on palettes please sent us an email and we will be happy to discuss this with you further. 

 How do I pay the logo plate fee?

If you go to our top right hand corner of the home page you will see a tab labeled "Add on's" Once you have selected your products and they are in your cart you will need to go to this tab and select the add logo plate fee. If you do not select add logo plate fee your product will come blank with no logo printed on them no matter how many pcs you buy. After paying for your order and the logo pate fee you will then email your logo to us at info@tashcosmetics.com or to your account manager directly. Here is where you will find the 'Add on's" tab:

Can I name my eyeshadows in my palette?

Yes! We encourage you to be as creative, unique and different as you want to be. This is what will set you apart from others and really make your brand stand out.


 Why does my order show “Pre Shipment”?

When you get a notification that your order is in Pre-shipment that means your order is coming out of our quality control check and is going in line for shipping. We typically print the shipping label a few days before your product ships out. This is standard practice for us and other private label companies. (Basically guarantees your shipping spot as other orders come out of QC)


Why did I receive part of my order but not all of it?

We try to get products out to you as soon as humanly possible. We understand how important your order is to you, thus making it top priority to us. With that said, all orders are processed, produced, QC inspection, and shipped as they are done. We do not hold products in our warehouse. Certain products may take longer to make than others. We would rather you receive what is done right away rather than you waiting on your whole entire order. So you may see certain items being shipped out while others take a little more time. It is not an uncommon practice for companies to ship ready products and remaining products as they are ready. As much as we would love to be able to contact everyone  individually to let them know, it’s just not feasibly possible to do so. We service several hundreds of business. On occasion your account manager may call you to discuss this, but it not our policy to do so. However with that said, we will either try to email you and let you know or we will make a note on your packing slip to advise you of this. 

I received a partial shipment so when will I receive the rest of my order?

Great question! If you receive a partial order, depending on your order size, typically you can expect the remaining shipment within just a few days. As stated before certain items take longer to make than others . If you have a question or concern regarding your order please feel free to contact us. 


What is your restocking fee policy:

We do not accept returns, issue refunds or exchanges based on change of mind or buyers remorse. Under extenuating circumstances at our discretion on a case by case basis, should a refund or cancellation be accepted by our management team, a restocking fee of 50% will be applied. Please be sure of what you are ordering before placing an order. This is how we keep our pricing competitive with others.   


TASH Cosmetics and TASH Beauty Retail Side: 


Unfortunately we currently do not offer free samples of retail products. However, we recommend that you sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the website to receive notification of new product launches and discounts.



To become a TASH Cosmetics and TASH Beauty reseller, you must meet several business criteria's. To help us qualify your business for a resell opportunity, please email the following information to support@tashcosmetics.com.  After review, one of our representatives will contact you directly.

  1. Your business name
  2. Your business address
  3. Business type
  4. Number of years in business
  5. If business resides in California, please provide CA Resale number
  6. Include a brief profile of your company


Lost Mail: 

If on our end the package shows that it was delivered and you still don't have it, you will need to file a lost package claim with your local postal service. We will not do that for you. We will however send you any proof that you need to show it states delivered so that you can file your claim. If the packages does not show delivered yet and it is simply lost, we will file a claim for you on your behalf. 


What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. NOW you can finance it! We have teamed up with Afterpay, Quad Pay and Sezzle! Did we leave anything out? 

How do I contact Customer Service?

We’re always here to help! Drop us a message at support@tashcosmetics.com or reach out to us using the Contact Us form on our website. We also have chat on our website where you can talk to a live TASH representative.

Why does the shipping cost vary?

Shipping costs go up and down all of the time on a regular basis. We do not control the shipping cost. It is based on weight and location and is determined by the shipping company you choose when checking out. We are automatically linked to all shipping companies for the most current updated prices. So you may see the price go up and down from time to time, but please note that we do not control the shipping prices given to us by each carrier. 

Where does TASH ship to?

Currently we ship to all 50 states in the US —We are also opening up to international shipping slowly but surely! Give it a try, if your country is on our list it will let you order.  You order, we deliver!

Do you ship internationally?

We recently just opened up to international shipping and are working on expanding now. Don't worry! We won’t keep you waiting for too long.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Unfortunately, yes. If applicable in your state. 

How can I track my order?

We’re glad you asked. Simply click on the Track Your Order button in the shipping confirmation email we sent or enter the tracking number provided in the email on USPS or UPS to keep up with the package’s journey.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final on www.TASHCosmetics.com. We appreciate your understanding as we’re trying to bring high quality products to you while keeping them affordable. But we’ll gladly replace an item if it comes damaged in the package.(just contact us) We will need proof of the damaged item via pictures, etc. We do not offer change of mind refunds or exchanges. There is a 50% restocking fee. 

My items are damaged. What should I do?

Oh no, sorry to hear that!  Please shoot us an email at support@tashcosmetics.com with your order number, the damaged item(s), and a few photos showing the damages. We will do our best to correct this for you ASAP after the claim is verified.

How are shipping rates calculated?

No one likes the math when it comes to shipping so we want to keep it simple for you. All orders are charged shipping based on weight, not based on a flat rate. That way you don't pay extra if your item weight is under. You only pay for what you buy!. Easy enough?


Can we use your descriptions and pictures from your website for our Private label (PL) products? 

While you can use them, we encourage you to take your own pictures and make your own descriptions minus the directions and ingredients because those will always be the same. 

Do you have any promo codes?

Sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on social media (@tashcosmetics) for all the exciting news and promotions! Did we mention we offer $5 off if you join our email list now?

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely! We all love to save a buck or two! So basically when you order off the website no label/no logo our prices are pretty firm. But we are all about helping startups and small business get their foot through the door. Contact your account manager and see what they can do to help. And, you can get an ambassador code off our Instagram and save a little cash there, OR you can hot stamp your products - where you qualify for our VIP discount which is a huge saving off each product because it is considered buying in bulk. Remember the more you buy the more you $ave!

Did you receive my order?

Thank you for placing your order! We’ll send you an order confirmation email if it has been received successfully. Also expect to get a shipping confirmation from us once your order is on the way. Still not sure? Drop us a line at support@tashcosmetics.com with the email address you used to place your order and we’ll look it up for you.

When will my order ship?
Can’t wait, right? We try our best to fulfill every order so you can get playful with our products as early as possible. Usually it takes 1-2 business days for us to process your order. Once the order is processed it goes into production and then quality control and then it is in line for shipping! Feel free to track its journey on USPS 
or UPS.

What should I do if a product is out of stock?
Yikes! Apologies - we do sell out quickly on some of our more popular items. You can sign up on the product page to be notified once it’s back in stock. In the meantime, we’re on it!


How long does it take for Private Label?

Private Label takes approx.4-6 weeks due to the fact that we have to first make the plate for your logo to hot stamp the product and next make the actual  product, second hot stamp the product and package the product, third send it through our quality control department, then prepare for shipping. Unfortunately, this takes time. We know that your order is important to you and that you want it as soon as possible so we do our best to get things done in a timely manner If you have an order that needs to be processed right away we can expedite your order, however there is a $150.00 rush order fee. If you are purchasing a no logo no label product, the time frame is approx. 2 weeks due to we have to go through the same procedures minus creating the plate for your logo and hot stamping. (During busy season wait times can be longer-we encourage you to plan ahead during these times) We have strict policies on QC (quality control) and this step can not be rushed or skipped. This ensures your product will arrive to you Fresh and Fabulous! 


I need help with mock up's for my website can you help me?

Absolutely. Just send us an email and we will create mockups for you. (please note there is an additional time fee for creating mockups. If you purchase 50pcs w/logo this is part of your VIP package and will be done for free. 

I need help with creating a logo, can you help me?

Absolutely! We have an on site graphic designer who will be happy to help you create a fabulous logo for your brand. (please not there is a $75.00 an hour fee for our graphic designer)  And did you know... We can also help you build your website too! Our basic designs start at just $999.00.  Interested? Just contact us at support@tashcosmetics.com or feel free to chat with one of our customer service reps. 

 I need help building a website to sell my products on. Can you help me with this?

 Absolutely! We love to create. That’s part of who we are. Just give us your basic idea and we’ll create a whole personalized well branded world with it! We do not charge a monthly fee like some companies do. You can read more about creating your own branded website on our website builder page. 

Our website builder pricing is as follows:

1. Basic website builder is geared towards small business and startup companies and starts at just 999.00. (1-2 pages)

2. Mid level site is geared towards medium sized already established business that just want a little makeover or a redesigned look and starts out at $1500.00 (3-6 pages)

3. The Big Kahuna is geared towards larger brick and mortar business who now want to take their selling points learned and crush the cyber industry, and starts at just $1999.00 (7-12 pages)


Can I have my logo Hot Stamped on the boxes as well as the product?

Sure! 98% of our products come with boxes. However there is a small portion of our products that do not come with boxes yet. We are in the process of adding boxes to these products and anticipate this to be done with in a few months. The products that do not have boxes will have this information on the listing that way you can make up your mind if this is suitable for you and if you would like to order boxes separately for these particular products.



How long will it take to receive a credit for my returned items?
Once received, returns are processed within 7–10 business days. The time to post a credit to your account can vary and is determined by the issuing bank. Please contact the issuing bank for details.


When I exchange an item, there are two transactions on my credit card. Can you explain?

When an exchange is requested, it is completed in two steps:
1) A credit is issued for the item(s) returned.
2) A new order is processed for the item(s) requested in exchange.
Two transactions will be posted to your account; a credit for the returned item(s) and one charge for the item(s) requested in exchange. Please note that billing for the exchange item is subject to payment authorization and once authorized, it will post immediately to your account. While both the credit transaction and the billing transaction for the exchange occur simultaneously, it may take longer for the credit to post to your account depending upon the bank’s processing times for credits.


I ordered/received the wrong product. Can I return it?
We do not offer refunds for buyers remorse so please select and buy your items carefully. If an item was sent by mistake in the wrong shade or color and it was our mistake - let's face it were only human and once in a great while a mistake can happen. Please contact us and we will issue you an RAN number to return any " Oops" items.


My item arrived damaged. What should I do?
If you received damaged merchandise, please retain the box, packaging and all contents and contact us as for assistance. We do ask for photos of the damages to determine if the damage was caused during shipping so please be prepared to send photos of the damage. When your order arrives, please inspect the carton for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. It is normal for the shipping carton to show some wear, however if damage occurred to the item(s) in your shipment, please retain the box, the packing materials and items inside and contact us as soon as possible. Support@tashcosmetics.com



I still need help!
Got any other burning questions? Email us at support@tashcosmetics.com and let us know. We’ll get back to you real soon! We promise!


It all began with a dream...

The TASH Team.