About us

TASH Cosmetics, LLC., and TASH Beauty, LLC., is all about bringing artistry to life by providing prestige-quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike - from the savvy beauty junkie to the inspired novice. Breaking Beauty Boundaries and Redefining Luxury beauty by creating high quality products at affordable prices. We are a one-of-a-kind company offering both Retail Beauty products and Private Label products. 

TASH Cosmetics has silently been building brands of all sizes for decades, and we are excited to work with you!  We are a full-service manufacturer created by makeup artists and enthusiast catering to startup brands and major brands as seen in Sephora, ULTA, QVC, and everything in between. We make it easy for you to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, with seasonal and of-the-moment color introductions, as well as a continual unveiling of new advanced products. We maintain a large selection of customer-adored best sellers in a wardrobe of classic shades that never go out of style.

As an affordable luxury cosmetics brand, TASH Cosmetics and TASH Beauty inspires creativity by thinking outside the box. Creating new ways to ignite "individual expression" through the "expression of color". We’re a chic and savvy professional makeup brand that places the power of artistry in the hands of today’s aspiring makeup users.

 TASH Cosmetics and TASH Beauty takes pride in offering on-trend, innovative, and exceptional quality products with amazing selections that cater to makeup enthusiasts all over the globe. Beauty without compromise –  


   Retail sold at TASHCosmetics.com and Walmart.com