How To Order Samples

TASH Cosmetics Private Label has silently been building brands of all sizes for over a decade now and we are excited to work with you!  We are a full service manufacturer. We work with MUA's, start up brands and major brands in Sephora, ULTA, QVC, and everything in between. It is very "Important" you read these policies in their entirety. 

At TASH Cosmetics Private Label our normal practice/policy is that our samples are sold in minimums of just 12 pcs and come with no logo no label where you can test them out, send them to reviewers, friends, family or add your own logo to them for resell.  Keep in kind our samples are full retail size products. We try not to deviate from our policy often because it is not cost effective to you as the customer, and to us as a business. our MQO (minimum quantity order) is 12 pieces. This means 12 pieces of one product under one listing. You can mix and match color shades if the product offers that as a choice in order to have a  variety but in your shopping cart when you checkout the total must meet our MQO requirement. 


Here are the steps to take to order samples:


1. Customer Account:

You must create a customer account with TASH Cosmetics prior to ordering samples. Your account MUST include your full shipping address and contact information. 

2. Product Links:

Remember to check our retail side first. If the product is not sold on our retail side you will need to send an EXACT link to the product/products you wish to sample. You must also send us the exact shades and quantities you want for each product so that we can send you an accurate invoice.

3. Samples Sizes:

Our samples are full retail size products not tiny testers. So if you do not order  12 pieces - 1 product which is our company policy minimum, and choose to order 1 piece of several different products, there will be a $50.00 sample fee assessed. This is because our products are made to order with limited stock. If we have to break up packaging or ingredients to make single samples this can be quite costly for us a company that produces large scale orders. We also have minimums we have to meet with both our ingredient supplier and our packaging supplier. 

4. Sample Invoices:

Our samples invoices that we send out are only good for 48 hours and then they auto delete from our system as to not clog up our order process. Please be mindful of this when ordering samples and be prepared to make your purchase. Typically you will get an "oops" did you forget, reminder. However that is not always the case.   

5. Sample Fulfillment: 

 We will try our best to send you the exact product you ask for when ordering samples. With that said, we do not always have on hand an exact match to your product order. In most cases we will swamp out the color shade and or packaging for a similar one for that order. The only way to ensure you get exactly what you want is to place a regular 12 piece no logo no label order. Ordering a sample does not mean you are going to get that exact sample. EXAMPLE: Meaning, lip gloss diamond blind shade #21. If we do not have that particular shade, we will not make a full batch for one order as we do not leave product sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased. (This ensures the longevity of it's shelf life) We may instead send you that same product line with shade # 23 which is very similar. Or different packaging that is similar with that same shade. Example: DIY lip gloss. When ordering samples you can test quality of product but it may not be in one of case options that we have available for full orders. Samples are not made for you to resale. Sample are made for you test quality of product.

It is very important that you understand this when ordering and we assume once you have placed your order that you have done your due diligence and read through this page in its entirety for complete knowledge and understanding. While we always try to complete each sample order with exact product, it does not always happen as mentioned above. 

6. Custom Items:

We do have some custom items that are not available to sample just one piece. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but these items will need to be purchased in their 12 pc MQO requirement. Most of the items in this category fall inline with Skincare and not cosmetics. Such as face masks, some face washes, anti aging, elite skincare line, etc. When in doubt, ask your account manager. 

7. Sample Time Frame:

We do not skip any steps in any of our policies just because it is only 1 piece or 5 pieces. We do not skip steps when ordering any quantity large or small. Everything that leaves our store goes through the same process.

A. Order created

B. Order processed

C. Order in production

D. Order in quality control/pre-shipment

E. Order inline for shipping-notification sent to customer

Please be patient and give us the allotted time frame to fulfill your sample order  just as we would do a regular 12 piece no logo order. If you can not wait for your order, please do not place your order. We are sorry to have to say that but we have had customers place sample orders in which they expected to get the order with in 2 days just because it was a sample order and unfortunately that is just not the case or the process. 



To order samples please email us at  If we see that you have an account manager we will send your request to them to invoice and process.