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TASH Cosmetics

French Yellow Clay Mask

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Our French Yellow Clay Mask is a dual-acting, multi-faceted skincare mask infused with some of our most favorite top notch ingredients!  Though it might seem like a health food fad, in reality turmeric is actually nothing short of phenomenal for your skin, which is why we included it in this amazing mask. Turmeric possesses the unique ability to activate over a dozen anti inflammatory compounds within the skin, as well as what are known as NRF2's. Basically, these little guys are like super-antioxidants that do not get consumed during the free radical neutralization process the way other antioxidants, like vitamin C, do. Instead, they neutralize free radicals immediately. They then stick around in the skin attracting more electrons to themselves and thus prolonging the much sought after and important process of protecting our delicate collagen and skin structure from the ravages of inflammation. Fine-grained and gentle, white Kaolin clay remineralizes, increases circulation and ever-so-gently exfoliates without irritating even the most sensitive of skin types. A master toner and moisturizer for the skin, carrot seed oil is balancing to all skin types. It's phenomenal for regenerating and softening aging and damaged skin, and works in conjunction with the turmeric to basically bulletproof the skin from inflammatory and premature aging factors both within and without. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Chamomile and ginger extracts, MSM, vitamin C and aloe are just some of the other fantastic skincare allies included that are willing and ready to get to work on your skin. All of these fabulous ingredients makes this mask phenomenal for your back bar!




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