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Natural Looking Lashes - #F37


Be daring. Be Bold. Be Iconic.

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul...So why not dress'em up a bit? Our showstopping natural looking lashes are one of our best sellers! With various styles to choose from, our lashes are individually handcrafted and made to last through multiple wears - 5-8 times on average, 8+ if well maintained.

These beauties come in your standard eyelash container. If you would like a customized eyelash box to make them your own check out our custom eyelash boxes here: 




  • Carefully remove eyelash from tray by easing them away from the half-moon in a downward motion.
  • Measure the lash against your eye. Cut away any excess lash from the outer corner.
  • Hold each end of the lash band, create a c-shape by bringing the corners inwards to flex the lash. Adding this curve to the band will help when applying to the eyelid.
  • Apply lash glue to the band and wait approximately 20-30 seconds for glue to become tacky.
  • Once tacky, look downwards into a mirror to apply lash to your eyelid. Position the band as close to your natural lashes as possible. Apply to center of eyelid first, then apply inner and outer corners.
  • Allow glue to dry thoroughly, once dried it will be clear.
  • If you would like to further blend the false lash to your natural lash, apply a bit of mascara. This is optional.


Tip: Remove lashes before you remove any of your eye makeup. Removing carefully will allow lash to be reused numerous times.

  • Hold the lash at outer corner and peel it off the eyelid from the outer corner towards the nose (it won't hurt).
  • Add a little of an oily substance to a cue-tip and run along lash line to help soften the glue if needed.




We can add your logo to these fabulous lashes and brand them yours! (mqo 50pcs) Inquire at info@tashcosmetics.com

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