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The Magic Eyeliner Pen - MOQ 12 pcs


 All Day Wear, Weatherproof, Waterproof + Life Proof!

This Magic Eyeliner Pen works with regular false lashes, not for magnetic eyelashes. No more struggling with gooey glue or trying to position your glue-covered eyelash on your eyelid while avoiding getting glue on your natural lashes. They will bond with regular (non-magnetic) false lashes. This magic pen is infused with liner and eyelash glue all in one little portable, easy to use, convenient liner pen!  


  • Total control over applying it on your eyelid
  • Less mess
  • Bonding with your falsies' 
  • No magnetic lashes needed  
  • Infused with an extra strong lash glue
  • More staying power; holds on to your falsies so there is no slippage ever
  • Combined with quick dry adhesive; perfect for those rushed mornings
  • No more clumpy residue on your natural or false lashes
  • Easy to remove; as easy as regular eyeliner which means no lash breakage
  • Come in 4 different decorative cases to choose from
  • Suggested retail price 16.99-24.99 depending on your geographical location
  • Dimensions 1.5X1.5X14 cm 15g


If this is your first purchase with us and you want to add your logo to this fabulous product, please go to the listing labeled MQO 50 pcs and follow instructions on that page. If this is a subsequent order for this product and we already have your logo on file you will need to add the reorder print fee to your cart. 12 pcs comes blank no logo no label for you to add your own. If you need assistance please email customer support at support@tashcosmetics.com or you can chat with a live rep via our website Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm

Key Ingredients

Styrene acrylate copolymer, Aqua, 1-2 Propanediol, Polyvinyl alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol/ Ethylhexyl glycerin, Octanol/Ethyl glycerol.

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